I’m just a passionate film student from Canada who watches an unhealthy amount of movies and writes about the ones I desperately want the world to hear about. Movies have always seemed to inspire me in ways I can only attempt to explain. Many of them have taught me some of the most important things there is to know in life, while others have simply made me laugh, cry or think in a time that I seemed to need it most. What makes img_1598films so extraordinary to me is their ability to create such meaning and depth from the simplest of stories. They can make us see things in ways we’ve never seen before, simply by telling us stories, familiar or not, in ways that would otherwise seem unimaginable. If they say that pictures are worth 1000 words, try and comprehend what that means for film. Movies will never be limited to being a mere form of entertainment, but a medium for wisdom, expression, art and inspiration. I’m just here to try and share my experiences, both positive and negative (but mostly positive), in the hopes of helping you gain everything I feel there is to gain by watching movies.


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